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Unawatuna Beach

Unawatuna beach, a crescent shaped shallow beach situated further south to the famous town of galle and its famous harbour and towering roomassala mountain. It is protected by a natural reef from the open sea and due to the semicircle shape of it forms a perfect natural swimming pool with aquamarine colour gentle waves crashing on the golden sandy beach.


In later years a Buduge, or House of Buddha, and the Swethamalee Chaitiya, or Dagaba, was built on the hillock abutting the Devalaya, or House of Gods. Thousands of pilgrims throng to this place of worship every month of Esala to offer poojas. This festival is a new rice offering so most cultivators bring a share of their crop and pray for timely rain and plentiful harvest. Some others save a fistful of rice from their daily meal and offer that rice, still others would purchase a few measures or even full gunnies of rice along with coconuts to offer.

Martin Wickremasinghe Museum

Directly opposite the large Confifi Club Horizon hotel, the excellent Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum is inspired by the ideas of Martin Wickramasinghe, one of the most important Sinhalese writers of the twentieth century. A museum showcasing Sri Lanka's traditional culutrre was a dream of this cultural stalwart, though it wasn't realized until after his death. Wickramasinghe together with the giants of Sinhalese literary tradition of the era, W. A. Silva, Piyadasa Sirisena & Munidasa Kumaratunghe played an important role in asserting the values of the Sinhalese Buddhists at a time when the island was in danger of being swamped by European & Christian influences.

Galle Fort

Galle Fort, in the Bay of Galle on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, was built first in 1588 by the Portuguese, then extensively fortified by the Dutch during the 17th century from 1649 onwards. It is a historical, archaeological and architectural heritage monument, which even after more than 423 years maintains a polished appearance, due to extensivereconstruction work done by Archaeological Department of Sri Lanka.

Stilt fishing

Stilt fishing is fishing in reletively shallow water on a platform made up of a stilt. This is a common method employed by Sri Lankan fisherman when fishing in or arround reefs not far away from the shore.

Turtle farm

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